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Ziggy and I had a great walk today! It was a hot one so we tried to find shade but that little tongue was out most of the walk! ? lots to sniff as always and friendly people remarking how dang cute he is! I also got some gooood lovin from the kitty when I was dropping zig off, seems like they miss ziggy during our walk!

Bear did super great today! She and I had a fantastic walk. She both peed and pooped. She had a lot to say to the UPS delivery truck drivers driving by, but she did eventually calm down after some coaxing from me. She’s a great pup, and I look forward to seeing her again tomorrow!

Norm and I had a wonderful walk this afternoon! It was so great to see me again. He was clearly glad to see me, but not at all frantic about it. Just the right balance of energy! He looks so cute in his little Christmas sweater! He peed, but did not poop. - Keith

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