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Tucker was feeling his Instagram fantasy with this flower crown. I mean who wouldn't be obsessed with a dog in a flower crown, am I right? He loved trotting through

Madison Park and the arboretum in the sunshine. Showing off as always. I keep telling people how obsessed I am with Maltipoo's. Once the world sees this photo, they will be the new "it" dog. Thanks!

Athena is such a good girl! She is not thrilled about walking in the heat and so she is a bit stubborn to get going, but once we run for half a block her speed picks right up and she is happy to be out exploring, and glaring at all those pesky evil squirrels. She is such a cutie. I did give her water before leaving. She pooped and peed.

Had such a great walk with Trixie and Tula today! With the warm weather and no clouds, rare for Seattle, they were both in incredibly high spirits and full of energy. With the weather,and how much they eagerly pulled me along, they were both panting happily quite quickly. Tula was actually able to keep up with Trixie today. Trixie and Tula both pooped and peed, and we walked 1.8mi today.

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