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Tucker and his dog walker explore Madison Park!

Summary from dog walker: 60 minute walk Location: Madison Park, Seattle

I hope you're having a great day! Here's how our walk with Tucker went today...

We started our stroll at 11 from your home in Madison Park. Tucker was eager and ready for our adventure. We began by exploring the beautiful lakeside trails, where he enjoyed sniffing around and watching the ducks on the water. The weather was lovely, with clear skies and a gentle breeze, making it a perfect day for a walk. Tucker seemed to thoroughly enjoy the fresh air and the chance to stretch his legs. After our lakeside walk, we wandered through the peaceful residential streets of Madison Park. Tucker was curious about everything, pausing to investigate intriguing scents and greet a few neighborhood dogs along the way.

We concluded our walk around 12, and Tucker returned home happy and content. He had a good drink of water and settled down for a rest.

Thank you for trusting me with Tucker's care I love being Tuckers dog walker. I look forward to our next walk together!

Tucker always has a great time with his dog walker! With Trails and Tails Dog Walking your pup can too!

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