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Dog Walker and Rocco explore Volunteer Park Capitol Hill, Seattle

Duration: 30 minute dog walk Location: Capitol Hill, Seattle

Summary from Dog Walker: Today's walk with Rocco in Capitol Hill was a scenic escape into the neighborhood's natural beauty. Starting near the park, we explored the peaceful pathways and green spaces tucked away amidst the urban landscape. After which Rocco seemed delighted by the sights and scents of Volunteer Park Arboretum, where he enjoyed leisurely strolls along the botanical trails. We encountered a few friendly squirrels and birds, which Rocco observed with curious interest. Rocco demonstrated excellent leash manners and responded well to commands, making the walk calm and rejuvenating. As we headed back home Rocco seemed content and refreshed after a tranquil hour amidst nature's embrace. Rocco makes being a dog walker both hilarious and relaxing!

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