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Timmy and his Dog Walker go out in SLU (South Lake Union), Seattle

Summary from Dog Walker: 30 minute walk Location: South Lake Union (SLU), Seattle

Today's walk with Timmy and his dog walker in South Lake Union was a waterfront adventure! We started near the bustling Amazon campus, and Timmy was immediately captivated by the sights and sounds of boats gently bobbing in the marina. We strolled along the scenic boardwalk, where he enjoyed the cool breeze and occasional splash of water from playful ducks. Timmy was curious about the seaplanes taking off from Lake Union, his ears perking up at the rumble of engines. We took a break at Lake Union Park, where he happily explored the grassy areas and desperately wanted to dip his paws into the shallow waters. Timmy greeted other dogs and visitors with a friendly tail wag, making new friends along the way. As we made our way back through the vibrant neighborhood streets, Timmy seemed content and satisfied after a refreshing and picturesque outing in South Lake Union.

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